Water-based coatings
for PVC 4.0

+Life +Design +Fast +Eco Friendly



Water-based coating systems Rennerplast have improved PVC manufacturing to the highest level. After many years of research and development, the chemical-mechanical characteristics achieved by PVC technology became a standard. Polyvinyl chloride doors and windows producers can draw on standards. Differentiate you product offering with the exclusive Rennerplast technology.



Thanks to the special composition formulated by Renner Italia’s laboratories,
Rennerplast coatings give to PVC material four no ordinary values.

+ Life
10 Years Life Warranty certifies the extraordinary performances of Renneplast’s resistance. With Rennerplast, windows, French windows, panellings, fences, etc… achieve unexpected durability goals.
+ Design
The program + Design Multicolor Multi-eff ects underlines the characteristics of the fi ne aesthetic qualities of Rennerplast coatings. Forget your droppers. Designer, architects, interior designers, customers, etc… with Rennerplast, they can express their creativity, mixing tones and eff ects. Pastel, metallic, mat and semimat, textured topcoats…
+ Fast
A coatings system based on a mono-component product applicable in one single layer. Rennerplast is also synonym of speed. High varnish adherence is guaranteed and production times are drastically reduced.
+Eco Friendly
+ Eco Friendly
Rennerplast water-based coatings, like all the others water-based products formulated by Renner Italia’s laboratories, respect both nature and people. Our chemists are aware of the important role of the industry in the fi ght against global warming; they eliminated 95% of solvent emissions. Th e aim of this work is to create healthier and more livable spaces and to
participate to material and energy savings.


Rennerplast coatings give to PVC material four no ordinary values. But Rennerplast is also the fourth page of the fascinating history of PVC. Nowadays, PVC is among the most popular material in the plastic industry.


Application by spray
[Hand or automatic spray, airless or airmix]

  • 1k coating YO-**M377
  • 2k coating YO-**M977
  • 1k textured coating YO-**M379 with two different grains (fine and medium)
  • 2k textured coating YO-**M979 with two different grains (fine and medium)

Vacuum application

  • 1k coating YO-**M372
  • 1k coating YO-**M362 with two different grains (fine and medium)

In two simple steps, Rennerplast topcoat looks perfect.
After a cleaning of the surface with compressed air, remove the protective film.

  1. On the PVC surface, apply the AP M088 cleaner, with a microfiber cloth or a scotch brite
  2. Spread 125-150 μm of Rennerplast coating in one single coat.


Thanks to Renner Italia’s tintometric Color System, Rennerplast offers many advantages:

  • Absolute constancy of production and repetition of the colour by means of volumetric dosage machines
  • Colour formulation in a few minutes: starting from white or neutral basecoats and adding coloured pastes
  • Reduced inventories
  • Renner Italia’s warranty on the result
  • Heat resistance

To facilitate the preparation of the colour,Rennerplast proposes two different versions of each converter:

  • NTR or neutral: for the preparation of dark colours
  • SBN or white: for the preparation of light colours


Rennerplast coatings comply with first class honours the grid test UNI EN ISO 2409, with no detached parts.

Artificial ageing test with xenon lamp
Rennerplast coatings follow UNI EN ISO 4892 norm. PVC samples protected by Rennerplast passed all durability tests conducted in exterior. These tests were made by the most respected German research institutes. The extraordinary performances of Rennerplast coatings are the result of the use of pigmented pastes, ultra resistant against light and weather.


Renner Italia produces PVC coatings

Renner Italia formulates high-quality coatings. Renner Italia is part of the Renner Herrmann Group. In almost 100 years, Renner Herrmann Group has become an international company with diversified industrial interests. Renner Herrmann S.A. was born in Brazil, in Porto Alegre, its current headquarter. They started working on the formulation and production of wood coatings and, today, this is the core business of the group. Today, Renner Herrmann S.A. is involved in the fields of metal packaging, reforestation, milk derivative production, furniture and lumber industry, with 2000 employees all over the world. With 10 industrial plants located in 6 countries and its distribution channels in 65 nations, the Renner Herrmann S.A. businesses are well-known for the undeniable quality of their products and also for the ecological sustainability of those products.

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