Hi-tech solutions
to coat PVC

Aesthetically advanced coatings
to protect PVC

PVC is one of the most widespread plastic material. Thanks to its versatility, it is used in several fields: from buildings to packaging, from furniture to fashion accessories.
One of the areas of greater ferment is the living environment, in terms of production of items, such as windows, frames, roller shutters, verandas, doors, garage doors, claddings, fences and indoor dividing barriers.
After many years of research and development, the chemical-mechanical features achieved by PVC technology have become a standard.
Water-based Rennerplast coating systems have improved PVC manufacturing to the highest level, guaranteeing high aesthetical performances, able
to resist up to 15 years to atmospheric agents.


Four instant advantages

Thanks to their exclusive composition,
developed by Renner laboratories,
Rennerplast coatings ensure
immediate advantages.


Up to 15 years of warranty

Up to 15 years Warranty certifies the extraordinary Renneplast coatings resistance. Protected by Rennerplast products, windows frames, roller shutters, verandas, doors, garage doors, claddings, fances are protected against the attacks of atmospheric agents and pollution, thus reaching unprecedented durability.


Endless colors and special effects

With Rennerplast range, designers, architects, interior designers, customers, etc. can set their creativity free, mixing all shades and effects. Pastel colors, metallic tones, matt and semi-matt finishes, textured topcoat, etc. No limits to imagination.


More efficiency during production

Rennerplast coating system is based on just one product which is applicable in one single coat: a synonym of speed. Super adhesion and speed
of drying drastically reduce production times and costs.


Less VOC in the air

Rennerplast water-based coatings, like all the other water-based products created by Renner laboratories, respect both nature and people. Our chemists are aware of the important role of the industry in the fight against global warming; they eliminated 95% of solvent emissions. Our water-based coatings ensure very low VOC emissions and do not contain harmful substances to man and nature. All this to create healthier and more livable spaces and to participate to material and energy savings.

of Rennerplast coatings

for the technician

High-definition colour results

Thanks to Renner Italia’s tintometric Color System, Rennerplast offers many advantages:


Absolute precision of production and reproduction
of the color, by means of volumetric dosing machines

Color formulation in few minutes: starting from white
or neutral bases and adding colored pastes

Possibility of keeping lower stocks in the warehouses

Result guaranteed

Heat stability

To facilitate the color preparation, Rennerplast is available
in two different versions for each converter:

NTR or neutral: for the preparation of dark colours

SBN or white: for the preparation of light colours

The tintometric system can accurately reproduce all the shades of RAL, NCS, CS and Chroma colour charts, thus offering trendy colour solutions which can satisfy every aesthetic need (textures, two-tone colours, special finishes, aluminium effects etc.)

The compared certifications

AAMA 615-17
Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Plastic Profiles
Rennerplast 1k: YO xxM376
7.1 Color uniformity
7.2 Specular Gloss
7.3 Dry film hardness
7.4 Film adhesion
Dry adhesion
Wet adhesion
Boiling water adhesion
7.5 Impact resistance
7.6 Abrasion resistance
7.7 Chemical resistance
7.7.1 Muratic acid (HCl) resistance
7.7.2 Mortar resistance
7.7.3 Nitric acid (HNO3) resistance
7.7.4 Detergent resistance
7.8 Humidity resistance
7.10 Heat shock resistance
7.11 Stability to high temperatures and humidity
7.12 Heat build-up
Qualité Batiment QB 33
Coated PVC Profiles – Coating Products – Lacquers
Rennerplast 2K: YO xxM977 – YO xxM979
1.3.1 Thickness of dry coating film
1.3.2 Polymerisation of the coating (Resistance to MEK)
1.3.3 Pencil hardness
1.3.4 Mortar resistance
1.3.5 Impact resistance
1.3.6 Grid adhesion
1.4.1 Artificial aging (xenon lamp)
Base colours (3000 h)*
Secondary colours (1500 h)**
1.4.2 Heat shock resistance


*Base colors:: group 1: mineral pigments (e.g. RAL 1013); group 2: mineral and organic pigments (e.g. RAL 7016); group 3: organic pigments (e.g. RAL 3005); group 4: metallic pigments (e.g. RAL 9006)
**Secondary colors:: group 5: medium (e.g. RAL 7005); group 6: bright (e.g. RAL 1015); group 7: dark (e.g. RAL 8019); group 8: blue (e.g. RAL 5015); group 9: orange – yellow (e.g. RAL 2010); group 11: green (e.g. RAL 6017)
Quality Assurance RAL-GZ 716
Quality and Test Requirements for window profiles made from PVC-U:
Technical Appendix 4.5 “Section I”, part 5: Coated profiles
Rennerplast 1k: YO xxM377
Rennerplast 2k: YO xxM977 Fastness after artificial weathering
Climate zone M (8 GJ/m2)
Visual evaluation
Colourimetric evaluation
Climate zone S (12 GJ/m2)
Visual evaluation
Colourimetric evaluation Resistance to weathering after artificial weathering
Climate zone M (8 GJ/m2)
Charpy Impact
Climate zone S (12 GJ/m2)
Charpy Impact
part IIa3 Heat build-up

Why to choose
the coating instead of film


  • Lighter warehouse
  • Small production batches
  • Even covering of all the surface
  • Ultra-fast corrections
  • Lower average costs
  • Big stockpiles in warehouse, with risk of expiry
  • Wastes of material in small batches
  • Partial covering of the object
  • Time consuming corrections
  • Higher average costs




Lighter warehouse


Big stockpiles in warehouse,
with risk of expiry

Small production batches


Wastes of material in small batches

Even covering of all the surface


Partial covering of the object

Ultra-fast corrections


Time consuming corrections

Lower average costs


Higher average costs



Hi-tech research

Rennerplast coatings can satisfy any aesthetic and performance need because they have been created inside Renner laboratories. Our chemists work closely with doors and windows manufacturers, as well as with the most qualified producers of professional coating machinery. Renner researchers analyze and test innovative products, especially in the complex field of water-based and UV curing coatings.
The company is equipped with the most modern analytical instruments for the formulation of resins and coatings.